County Fair

Fair checks are ready for pick up!

Get your fair checks Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds Office, 615 E. Robinson St., Norman.

Family-friendly, free fair

Why is it called a free fair when the carnival costs money? In 1915. Rep. Paul Nesbitt of McAlester presented a bill to allow countyCarnival kids ride commissions to operate "free fairs" and use tax money to pay the event's expenses. The Cleveland County Fair remains free in that we don’t charge for entry or parking and there are many fun, free events put on by our fair board.

You can enter exhibits or livestock as well as fun contests like the children’s stick horse races, the baby crawl and other fun activities at no charge. However, the carnival and other vendors do charge for those activities. Never fear, if money is tight your family can still have fun at the Cleveland County Fair! 

Free Fun Activities for Children

Petting Zoo: Children of all ages can enjoy a variety of furry and feathered friends including goats, miniature donkeys, baby ducks, chickens, pigs, rabbits and many other animals located in the Fair Barn on the north end of the arena. 

Tractor Club Activities by the Canadian Rivers Old Iron Club: Friday through Sunday on the north side of the fairgrounds. Family-friendly, hands-on activities that kids love. Old-fashioned washtub, clothesline, corn grinder, corn sheller, trackless train and hay ride wagon.

Annual Baby Crawling Contest in the Fair Barn Arena: The baby crawling to the finish line the FASTEST will win the top prize. Babies MUST crawl the entire distance to win. Babies trying to walk will be disqualified!

Stick Horse Race, immediately following the Baby Crawl in the Fair Barn Arena: Ages 2-6 years old. All riders must straddle the horse during the entire race or they will be automatically disqualified. Ride courteously. Trophies & Ribbons Awarded. 

OK State Pedal Pull Championship: Previous Pedal Pull Contest winners will compete for the State Championship Title. Come watch the fun as youth from all across Oklahoma join in this competition of pedaling provided child-powered tractors with weighted sleds. 

Kiddie Pedal PullCleveland County Pedal Pull Competition: Youth pedal child-powered John Deere tractors with weighted sleds to a finish line in this timed event. Open to all youth ages 4 through 13 who are Cleveland County residents. Trophies are awarded in first and second places in each age group. All entrants will receive a participation ribbon. 

Rules 1) Each entrant will pedal a provided, child-powered tractor with age appropriate weight in a timed event to a predetermined finish line. 2) No pedaling barefoot. 3) Stoppage of pedaling or driving out of bounds ends entrants turn. 4) Re-pull allowed if one foot slips off. 5) Entrants must be between the ages of 4 -12 and a resident of Cleveland County to enter. 

Free Family Friendly Entertainment 

Car and Motorcycle Show, 4-H Cloggers on Main Stage, east side of the fairgrounds and Silverwiener dog races Spurs Square Dancers also on the Main Stage. Watch the dancers and join in the fun!

Bands nightly on the Main Stage: Local and regional favorite for your listening and dancing pleasure!

Apache Blackfoot Society Indian Ceremony Under the Tent (north side of the fairgrounds).

Wiener Dog Races, free entry (must bring your own wiener dog). Free to enter and free to spectators

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